Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Back!!!

Library, 2015-2016

Dear Families;

Welcome to a new year at the library!  I am writing this note to offer some beginning of the year tips for book care.  As adults, we know this already, but it is good to review with your children.  This is also part of our beginning of the year lessons in the library.

Basic Book Care:

Keep your book in your backpack or a special place at home,  so it is easy to find.  

No eating or drinking near books.  

If a book is torn or damaged, return the book to the library, as we can often mend it.  If the book is damaged beyond repair; water, mold, pet damage etc., a fine will be sent home for replacement cost of the book.  
Most importantly, have fun reading together!  We do have a limited supply of books in Spanish and Hmong as well as English, so talk to your children about checking out books in other languages if interested.  
We also have e-books available for at home access if interested. The students will be reminded how to access the e-books in the next few weeks, and I will post additional information on my blog at that time.  

The library catalog and links can be accessed at 

and look for Thomas Jefferson Elementary.  

Feel free to contact me at any time!

Mrs. Jennifer Moore, Library Media Specialist

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