Friday, November 21, 2014

Read It and Feed It!

     Have you ever dreamed of owning your own horse?  Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa is a series of books written by Erica Silverman that feature a young girl named Kate and her horse, Cocoa.  Take some time to read about their adventures in these fun Everybody Reads book choices.

     And, if you enjoy laughing...  Amelia Bedelia might be the series for you!  Poor Amelia, always mixing up her words.  A fine example is when she was told the turkey needed dressing, so she put it in some clothes!  Or, she was told to put out the lights, so instead of turning off the light switches, she took out all the lightbulbs!  Have fun laughing along with Amelia in these great stories!

As always, make sure you Read it and Feed it!

Mrs. Moore 

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