Monday, October 27, 2014

During Parent Teacher Conferences- Stop by the Library!

Of course I would love to see you, but even more importantly, I would love to help you get your children signed up for a card at the public library.


Not only is it a great resource for reading material and programs to support families and literacy, but the public library can help increase the amount of reading material going home.


Through a great program called Overdrive.  This is where the digital or e-books purchased by the public library are stored.  We can access these books at school too if students know their public library id number.  This is also a nice way to bring along extra reading material on long trips.  Just log in, find a book and enjoy.

Did you know?

The Thomas Jefferson Library has over 300 e-books available as well.  It is very exciting to be able to share these materials as well with students.  We have been practicing using the Destiny system to access books online.  I will add some specific directions on how to do this from home in a future blog.

Until then, consider stopping by during parent-teacher conferences and sign up your children for cards at the public library.  I will send over the forms and the card will come in the mail.  Another choice would be for you to stop by the public library and get the forms completed immediately.

My great thanks-  I look forward to seeing you at the library!!

Mrs. Moore

****  UPDATE  ****

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by!  It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet the families and loved ones of our Amazing students!

If you didn't get a chance to pick up an application, do not worry.  We can send a paper copy or you can download it from a future post, when I show directions as well.

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